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DIY: 10 Pinoy Pop Culture icons you can impersonate for Halloween

5. Pabebe Girls

Screen grabs from Facebook
Screen grabs from Facebook

They went super viral mid-2015 and people are still imitating these two girls who proudly go on mall shows. This costume is best pulled off when you have a friend with you.

For the first girl, Janet, wear a simple white tank top, leave your hair down, and use concealer and foundation to cover up those eyebrows. In real life, of course, the girl has eyebrows, but if you look at the parodies made of the Pabebe Girls, you’ll see it’s really a distinct characteristic in the video. As for the second girl, Michelle, wear a light blue shirt, tie your hair in a rather messy high ponytail, and look spacey. Oh, and keep that mouth open.

Just make sure you practice your Dubsmashing before you arrive at the party and get some laughs from everybody.

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