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DIY: 10 Pinoy Pop Culture icons you can impersonate for Halloween

10. Yaya Dub

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Perhaps the most popular girl on the internet today, Yaya Dub has made her way into hearts of many TV viewers. Whether or not you watch Eat Bulaga‘s Kalyeserye, you’re sure to know Yaya Dub. Yaya Dub is best known for keeping her hair in a ponytail, wearing red lipstick, and her red polka-dotted apron and doing the pabebe wave. Carry with you a big red bag and a big abanico as the finishing touch. Keep those Dubsmash skills ready for maximum effect. In fact, if you can do it, why not Dubsmash the whole night? It’ll be difficult but if you can pull it off, it’ll be a night to remember forever.

These 10 costumes ideas are a great reflection of Pinoy pop culture. Just keep in mind that even if you can’t totally imitate or get the look, it’s all about the attitude. Take note of the elements that make these people and characters special and you’ll be sure to be recognizable. Lastly, enjoy the party and have an awesome Halloween!

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