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DIY: 10 Pinoy Pop Culture icons you can impersonate for Halloween

Stumped on what to wear for Halloween?

Turn on your televisions and log on to your social media accounts and you just might get your inspiration from there.

Halloween is a great time to be creative and think out of the box. Why not go for some homegrown inspirations this year? The Dailypedia lists 10 Pinoy pop culture icons that you can use as inspiration when you go trick-or-treating. You won’t even have to stress over finding the perfect outfit since these only have one or two key pieces or elements.

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1. Lola Nidora

Photo from
Photo from

Just put on a very thick layer of foundation to cover your eyebrows and go crazy with an eyebrow pencil and you’re good to go. Just wear a dress with a large print and get a matching colored fascinator or hat, flats, and a black Chanel bag and you’re the spitting image of Lola Nidora. Don’t forget to dance Lola Nidora-style when “Dessert” is played on the speakers and greet friends with, “Babalaaaaaa…”

To make it even more interesting, why not get a bunch of guy friends, have them wear blue polo barongs, slacks, and sunglasses so you have your own Rogelios with you.

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