Drunk Girl Gang-Raped by Drinking Buddies?

Was a drunken girl gang-raped at a bar in Bacolod City by her drinking buddies? This appears to be the case surrounding a viral photo making the rounds on social media.

According to Social Trends PH, the photo was allegedly taken at one of the popular bars along Lacson Street in Bacolod City. The blog mentioned that the photo uploader indicated the girl was drunk and was molested by several of her drinking buddies.

The girl and the perpetrators were not identified by the photo.  The photo itself is quite alarming in so many ways.

First, this was apparent evidence of possible rape. Some of those who commented on the blog post shared their observation that the “girl seemed to like it” but if the girl was truly drunk, then she was not in her best capacity to make decisions. Thus, the guys who had their hands on her could face rape charges.

However, it is also possible that they could get away with the rape charges if the girl was not drunk and the incident was actually consensual. But would a girl really willingly do this if she was not drunk?

But the bottom line in this situation is that this girl could have been gang-raped while she was not in her right mind to fend off her drinking buddies’ advances.

Photo credit: Social Trends PH
Photo credit: Social Trends PH

Second, what if she was a minor? Well, if that is the case, then it raises more questions. We’re hoping that she is of legal age to be out drinking, partying, and everything else that comes with drunkenness.

Third, what’s happening to our youth today? This might be an isolated case but plenty of cases of the youth’s partying and various “immoral acts” have peppered news reports these days.

Fourth, this could constitute cyberbullying. This girl might have consented but she certainly did not wish for her photo to be plastered on the web. Although the photo here and in reports of the incident do not show her face and blurred out her private parts, other versions are available—with some even posting her solo picture alongside the now-viral photo. With her photos circulating the web, the girl is now the target of cyberbullies.

Fifth, the girl – the victim – is being blamed. If this was really rape, then the fault lies in the guys, not the victim. However, there is this widely accepted but ill-conceived notion that the girl wouldn’t have been raped if she did not go to the bar and went wild with the boys while wearing sexy clothing. Rape is rape and assuming she was asking it for it is a sexist misconception.

Written by Joy Adalia

A non-functioning licensed Chemist but full-time mommy of 2 kids, full-time wife, and full-time freelancer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  1. Firstly, I have read and followed the comment thread. I am glad we have this kind of forum and freedom to express ourselves freely. This proves that we enjoying the freedom of expression. And we have the liberty to drink and party. Nice, but we have to be responsible as well with what we are saying. It may hurt others, it may offend people and we do not have to judge a victim.

    Second, the picture is so bothering showing a helpless girl being molested by a mob. To what extent it has transpired more, that we do not know. But we can imagine things even beyond to what really happened.

    Just merely basing on the picture alone we can say if this is bad or good. We can say if this is right or wrong.

    We do not know how it all started. I can only imagine, what if the girl went to a date with a trusted guy or say a boyfriend. The girl got drunk. (is she drunk with alcoholic beverage? maybe yes. But to what extent we do not know. What if someone inserted a drug on her drink without noticing and drank it. And it made her more dizzy and tipsy at the same time. Now, she is in big trouble. Intoxicated and drugged at the same time. The boyfriend made her something to be LIKED and SHARED and TWITTTED to everybody! This would be enough to make her a little numb, powerless and helpless. Even if she struggles with one man do you think she can overcome? take a look again at the picture there are several boys / men. So how can a girl fight ? maybe she was struggling to some extent. But her effort tuned futile. Maybe she was still conscious enough but powerless and derailed.

    Let me share you something. I’ve seen a movie of Jody Foster a couple of times sorry I could’t remember the title that was long ago. She went to a bar alone just to have a good time. She is liberated, young wild and free. She got carried by her emotions as the crowd roared to keep her dancing. Flirting it may seem, and three drunk men went up to her and raped her in public inside the bar. She was struggling and saying no several times. But no one cared to listed and defend her. Dude she was raped. Good thing she got escaped. She filed a case against the perpetrators and she won and got vindicated.

    Have you been to a bar where models (naked / half-naked / barely naked) are pole dancing up in the stage. Boy it will turn you on. But can you go up in the stage to molest and rape the dancer. NO! Specially, there are bouncers and security personnel to defend the model against erring or misbehaving customers.

    If the said girl is a minor even if she has consented the demons to rape her, there is a legal basis to charge these men. This is what we call ” statutory rape” and they could go to prison just like congress man Jalos— (you know who).

    Now, my point here is no matter how flirty a girl could be, dude we have no right to take advantage of the situation. A girl is a girl a woman is a woman. We have to treat all girls and women fairly.

    I was once a boy before I became a man. I’ve broken a couple of hearts and regretted it. I am not a saint though we ought to be. My take on this is that this should have not happened to this extent. No one stood up for the girl and they all watched and chanted and roared and encouraged one another.

    This is sick, this only shows a picture of a clear sick society of men. Men who lost their integrity and respect for women at large. Hoy baboy ! Women are not sex objects even if she is your girlfriend.

    Let us not judge the victim. On how we pass judgement to others, the same way we will be judged.

    Let us share how we can avoid this things and how to protect the welfare of women form erring and irresponsible men. We are supposed to be Filipinos of good values and Christian hearts and mind. We are supposed to be MEN of faith. Don’t forget your mothers, sister, cousins, aunts, niece and friends.

    Sorry this makes it long enough. But thank you for reading if you have come to this far.

    Take Care.



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